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 Three types of silencers for Japanese Classics

New additions...

London Exhaust Technology is introducing three types of silencers of Japanese classics. For Kawasaki Samurai and Avenger, we can now supply silencers that are 100% look-alikes for the original silencers.

Because there are still a number of these models on the road and there is frequent demand, London has now produced a limited first batch.

The finish is in high-quality chrome plating, which goes without saying for London. 

If brand associations have questions about silencer reconstruction, please don't hesitate to contact London.


Every Custom project Is a Joy

We like to make magic happen...

Most customer inquiries are about making 'original' exhausts for their classic bikes that are no longer in production.   

We also often see a variety of gems that customers want to put their own twist on. 

Only a small proportion of those people know exactly what they want, the rest wants advice and only needs a drawing. Once they come to the workshop, we will find a way. 

We can make a custom exhaust for practically any motorbike, based on original ideas. It doesn't matter what make or model the motorcycle is, or how old it is. Nor does it matter what type of exhaust you need; double, full exhaust system, or a different silencer. We can make it for you!  Putting a smile on people's faces, that's why we do this.


Old-fashioned Craftsmanship

In our kitchen...

Not a sleek building in a big city with a stylish workshop and some bicycles on the wall; we make our modest home in Hattem. Customers don't really care where you're located. It's possible to do a test drive out front without a licence plate. Imagine trying that in Amsterdam.

Our workshop smells like petrol and oil. Some bikes are being worked on, a pallet of exhausts is waiting by the roller door to be picked up, and everywhere you look, you can see exhausts or parts. 

London first became known for making classic BMW exhausts, but our range has grown over the years. Our exhausts are shipped all over the world, and we'll accept any challenge. We are all about old-fashioned craftsmanship.

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